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Search Engine Optimization: Three dimensions you have to master

Posted by  in April 16th 2010

Nowadays, search engine optimization is helping more than a few businesses around the world to reach their goals and accomplish their business and marketing tactics. There are three important dimensions of search engine optimization that I would like evaluate today so that you can have knowledge of them. In fact, I won’t describe in-depth them because this is your task and you will decide how deep is going to be your knowledge on each aspect or dimension. There is a wide range of aspect you should master to succeed in SEO realm. The following are the most important dimensions of SEO that you should understand, dominate and control for the well-being of your business.

Ranking: As part of the process, the ranking is your position in search engines as well as your relevance. Ranking is a word capable to describe who you are in the web sphere and your popularity and reputation in front of your customers and search engines. It is important that you can master everything related on how get the ranking you need to succeed in search engine optimization. In fact, ranking is the basis of search engine optimization and its main goal.

Traffic: This can be described as the rate of visits you receive from different sources. Traffic is a result of your ranking as well as the methods you use to bring visitors to your web site or blog. This is something you should master. Know everything you can about the ways to bring traffic that give you the revenue you want.

Revenue: This is the result of every business. At least this is the expected result and you should get ranking, bring traffic and as result you will get the expected revenue. There are several ways to monetize your web site and this is something you should consider to get more revenue and make your business grow.