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Top 6 ways to impress search engines and visitors

Posted by  in April 9th 2010

Are you ready for impress your visitors, customers and even search engines? I will give you 6 amazing formulas that will make you gain the reputation you have always dreamed. Search engines are an amazing solution for internet users finds resources. More than 80% of resources are found thanks to search engines and this is a very powerful way to promote your company as well as your products and services. Now I will start describing some of the most important ways you can gain visibility in search engines as well as bring good traffic to you.

  • User your keywords in title, description and content: Once you have defined the set of keywords that are going to identify your SEO strategy you should make a wise use of them. You should assure your keywords are included in your Meta tags, and specifically in the title, description as well as in your content each time you post an article.
  • Write articles that solve problems to your visitors and clients: When you are focused on providing solution to your customers and visitor you are obtaining the best of the benefits. Your visitors will give you a vote that will increase your value and search engines will see this with good eyes.
  • Build interesting web content: Your web content should be as informative as you can and with a very high quality. As matter as fact, it is good that you write content to satisfy your visitor’s need. Write for people and never do it for machines.
  • Always describe your images with alt tag: Describing your images with alt tag you are preparing them to be indexed by search engines, instead only focusing on web content based in text.
  • Edit your current content and improve your keywords: You can edit or even optimize your content doing corrections and improving several aspects of it.

Always make a gift: It is good that your visitors feel you are providing valorous things for free. It will benefit you a lot.