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Tips about how use SEO for beat your competitors

Posted by  in May 21st 2010

Search engine optimization is a powerful tool to make you look better in search engines –getting visibility and good reputation- and this is something that will lead you to compete and succeed in your business. Today, there are million blogs and web pages around the world fully-dedicated to a particular kind of business and is very important that you can handle a tool like SEO to compete and get the results you are expecting.

Every business requires making investments –in money and time- and you need as result cover your expenses and get some revenue. But what if you are selling laptops among a wide range of laptop vendors and you have to compete with them? Those laptop vendors that people can remember –remember their name, brands, promos, quality of service- will lead the market.

Search engine optimization is the key to make you succeed in search engine optimization and this is why you should apply these techniques to beat your competition. If you are looking for a niche where you can compete I recommend you to study the market and use tools such as Google Adword Keyword Research or any other SEO tool to identify how important is a keyword related to a product, service or need that searchers –users of the web- can have.

I highly recommend that try to use keywords that are pretty new because the less known are the keywords the faster you will rank in search engines. It is not the same sell Smartphone BlackBerry in the web that sells homes in the moon. It is good that you try to indentify a niche where you can compete and never underestimate the effectiveness of a good keyword research.

The best way to beat your competitors is offering something that is fresh and pretty new so that you can grab the attention of your visitors. Also, you should consider that SEO is your companion to take you to a very good position in search engines.

Things you should know about page rank

Posted by  in May 14th 2010

Having a wonderful and good page rank is all about hard and smart work that you should do with during a large period of time. Nevertheless, you will see good results once you have seriously grabbed this important idea. Despite of this, there are some important things you should know about page rank because I firmly believe this is not everything you need to have a mature web page that give you a wonderful revenue. Page rank is good and something you should follow this in your SEO strategy but there are some important aspect of search engines –related to page rank- that you should know.

In first place, something you should know is that Google is the most important and popular search engine but Google is not the web itself. Can you understand this? What I mean is that Google is just one of the options you have -as search engine- but there are other ways to get a huge traffic and there is a very important market to conquer outside. This relation of love that several people have with Google is a mistake and they think that having a huge page rank in Google have God in their hand. This is a crude mistake.

In the second place, page rank is not a direct signal of ranking in Google or any other search engine. This is very important that you know that. According to my reports, more than the 50% of my income doesn’t come from Google –as my primary traffic source- but from other sources that I use. You should diversify your traffic sources and don’t concentrate in Google.

In third place, you should know that ranking sites as Alexa –which reputation is not measureable- is not a signal of marketing metric. You should use SEO as a global tool and try to use as many resources as you can and enjoy this incredible trip.

Best way to understand search engines

Posted by  in May 7th 2010

I have read in several blogs and forums a ton of information related to rank better in search engines and how get the top in Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are several tips and tricks about how do it but it is good that you can understand how search engines work and which are the things –policies, rules and terms of use- they want from web content and resources –your web site. In this article I just would like make you understand the elements you must evaluate so that everything related to search engines can be understood by yourself and the best way you can accomplish the search engine requirements that will make you succeed in search engine optimization.

Starting with this process, it is good that you don’t focus your work only in a unique search engines. There are people –SEO professionals- only working in optimize their sites for Google –which currently has the 75% of the search engine market- and this is not necessarily the best thing you can do. It is important that you can make a good research –depending on your niche- so that you can get the most out of the traffic source from different search engines.

On the other hand, the best way you can understand search engines is studying very hard everything about them. Search engines are very important for your business and you are not going to optimize the search engine itself, what you going to optimize is your web content for search engines. As matter as fact, knowing the rules of each search engine is vital for follow these rules and obey what search engines are requiring from web pages owners. Furthermore, you should consider that reading articles about search engine optimization is the best way you can remain up-to-date in this field.

Boost your business through SEO

Posted by  in April 30th 2010

Search engine optimization is the basis for boosting your business and leads it to a higher level –in both the web realm and offline environment. There is a very important way to get top in Google, Yahoo and Bing through search engine optimization techniques and this is the best way to succeed in this aspect and getting the most out of these resources. As matter as fact, the SEO professionals around the world are looking for cases where they can demonstrate their skills ranking web sites and blogs according to the policies of search engines. Search engines are the kings of the party and you should obey their rules in order you can have good results.

How can you use SEO for boost your business?

In first place, SEO is the best alternative to bring visitors to your website and it is impossible sell products or services if you don’t have a presence in the web. It is not sufficient just having a beautiful website, you need optimize it and get some visibility in search engines The way to get visibility is through SEO because they will help you to promote your website in search engines in order visitors –those who make searchers through the use of keywords- can find you and contact you. Once you have ranked your website you will have the opportunity to get I high revenue and your audience will know who you are and is going to consume your products and services.

That’s why search engine optimization is going to boost your business and make it more profitable. The goal of each business is get revenue and grow. Search engine optimization is the best way to increase your profits in a very short period of time. You won’t get instantaneous results but progressively you will accomplish your goals and you will get everything you need for your business.

Top 5 article directories that every SEO professional should use

Posted by  in April 23rd 2010

Article directories are very important for getting a huge traffic to your web site and a very powerful link building mechanism. What about the best article directories? Something you should evaluate in an article directory is its ranking in Google and Alexa –two of the most powerful companies that administrate information about ranking- and this is the basis to determine the effectiveness of an article directory. The higher is the ranking of an article directory the higher are going to be your possibilities to rank better in search engines. Now, I would like to show you those article directories that you should use for the benefits of your web pages and blogs.

  • Ezine: You can have access through the following URL: and this is an amazing way to submit your articles in a very powerful article directory. This is known as the best article directory and the most visited in the world. Ezine has a Google page rank value of 6 points and is considered the best of the web.
  • Goarticles: This is another impressive article directory with a similar Google page rank if you compare it with Ezine and is a privilege submits articles in this directory. Every SEO professional should try to get the most out of this article directory.
  • Article Base: This is an amazing way to rank better because this is an excellent article directory and also is able to support different languages so that you can submit your articles in Spanish and even other languages.
  • Buzzle: This is an impressive resource because Buzzle is very popular, easy to use and has the capacity to bring a huge traffic to your website.
  • Helium: This is a wonderful way to rank better because it has a wonderful ranking in both Alexa (1,862) and Google (6).
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